Golden Mark

The Ski School Vigo di Fassa und Karerpass has been entrusted with the mark Gold Quality from the Ski Instructors Association of Trentino. This acknowledgement certifies the endless effort and passion in teaching children.

Golden Mark

Ski Courses

The Ski School offers a rich collective course programme, both for adults and for children. Collective ski lessons are the ideal choice if you want to learn skiing and have fun together with other people. If you prefer learning or improving your ski-technique with your personal ski instructor, individual lessons are available as well. The price of both collective and private lessons includes a specific insurance, covering medical assistance and the not attended ski-course’s refund. The insurance does not cover illness.

Individual Ski Lessons

Every day our ski instructors are at your disposal to individually teach any ski-technique: carving, professional skiing, telemark, freestyle and snowboard. We also have instructors specialized in disabled and children ski-teaching. Lessons are available in following languages: Italian, German, English, French, Spanish and Russian. As concerns individual lessons, you are given the opportunity to choose a favourite ski instructor. Private ski lessons are carried out from 8.30 to 10 am, or after 1.30 pm. Lessons are usually held in the enchanting framework of Catinaccio. On request and by advanced booking individual lessons can be carried out also at Ski Area Carezza.

Schedule (1h per person)Christmas from 25/12 to 07/01High Season  Low Season 

from 10.00 to 13.00

€ 65.00

€ 55.00

€ 50.00

from 9.00 to 10.00

from 13.00 to 16.30

€ 55.00

€ 48.00

€ 45.00

additional person

+ € 12.00

+ €12.00


Collettive Ski Lessons

What about spending pleasant moments by skiing in company with other people? Our ski school offers a wide choice of collective courses, both for adults and for children. The collective courses are especially taught for those who want to learn and improve their ski-technique with an easier and amusing approach, instead of attending a frontal lesson. All collective courses last 5 or 6 days, and every day the meeting point is set at Ski Area Ciampedie, which is easily reachable by taking Catinaccio cable car departing from Vigo di Fassa or by means of Vajolet chairlifts from Pèra di Fassa. The meeting point of both collective courses and individual lessons is at the arrival station of Catinaccio cable car. On the flatland of Ciampedie you will see 4 little flags, placed at a short distance from each other, indicating the starting and arrival point of groups: Squirrels, Bear Cubs, Eaglets and Kestrels. Ski Area Ciampedie enables families to comfortably leave and collect their children at very easy-to-reach points. Last but not least, as many as five Alpine refuges are located within easy walking distance. Here you can pamper yourself and please your palate with the specialties of our local traditional cuisine!! Groups are composed according to following levels:

2 hours a day (10.00 - 11.50) from Monday to Friday. High- and low season: € 200.00.
Beginners (Course for Kids 3 years)

€ 60.00 (test-day)

€ 200.00

2 hours a day (10.00 - 11.50) from Monday to Friday. High- and low season: € 200.00.
Beginners (Course for Kids 4 years)

€ 60.00 (test-day)

€ 200.00

Bear Cubs
3 hours  (10.00 - 12.45) for 5 consecutive days from Monday to Friday + full day always in the Ciampedie area. High Season € 230.00 and Low Season € 215.00.
Beginners (Children aged 5 and over)

€ 230.00 (High season)

€ 215.00 (Low season)

3 hours a day (10.00 - 12.45), 5 consecutive days from Monday to Friday, plus a full day at another Ski Area (return is scheduled at 3.30 pm). High Season € 230.00  Low Season € 215.00 .

€ 230.00 (High season)

€ 215.00 (Low saison)

3 hours a day (10.00 - 12.45), 5 consecutive days from Monday to Friday, plus 2 full days with ski tours in other ski areas (return is scheduled at 15.30). High Season € 245.00 and Low Season € 230.00.

€ 245.00 (High season)

€ 230.00 (Low season)

Junior Elite
This new offer is aimed at advanced-level kids from 10 to 16 years of age and will consist of 5 days entirely devoted to the discovery of our amazing Ski Areas: Val di Fassa and Carezza.
Advanced-level kids

€ 330.00

Beginner adults
Total 10 hours, 2 hours a day (11.00-12.50), 5 consecutive days, from Monday to Friday. Price € 195.00.
Beginner adults

€ 195.00

Intermediate-Advanced Skiers
3 hours a day (10.00 - 12.45) from Monday to Friday. Price € 230.00 in high season, € 215.00 in low season.
Intermediate-Advanced Skiers

€ 230.00 (Hish season)

€ 215.00 (Low season)

Beginners course, total 10 hours, 2 hours a day (11.00 - 12.50), 5 consecutive days, from Monday to Friday. Price € 195.00.

€ 195.00



Our weekly-offers are listed below and are available year-round (except for the Christmas holiday season) These offers include: the age-appropriate ski course for your children, lunch at the Kinderpark and subsequent baby-sitting inside of the park until 4 P.M., where they will be taken care of by our qualified staff.

CourseAdditional ServicesPrice
Squirrels (10.00 - 12.00), Marmots and Bear CubsLunch and assistnace€ ---
EagletsLunch and assistnace€ ---
FalconLunch and assistnace€ ---

Useful Information

  • Children under 7 years of age are entitled to travel for free only on Vigo-Ciampedie cable car. They must be equipped with skipass (half day, day or multi-day ticket) in order to take the chairlifts.
  • Children under 8 years of age are entitled to a free-skipass having the same period of validity of the skipass purchased by the parent.
  • During private ski lessons children over 3 years can be entrust to the child-care girls in the play-ground.
  • The price of the course includes a specific insurance, covering medical assistance and the ski-course’s refund. Such insurance does not cover illness.
  • The collective ski-course or individual lessons, will not be refunded in case of participant’s sickness.
  • The collective courses are composed of 5 up to 12 participants of the same level. The collective course having less than 5 participants will last 2 instead of 3 hours.
  • Turning a collective course into private lessons is not possible. What’s more, individual lessons must be cancelled at least within the day before.
  • Ski learners get automatically ensured as the lesson is booked, see the refund-table exposed in the offices.
  • Catinaccio Ski-Area is linked to the neighboring Buffaure Ski-area by a small train taking skiers from Pera to the departure of Buffaure lifts. In order to come back, you can take the skibus from Pozza to Vigo di Fassa and then the cable car up to Ciampedie. You can also use again the chairlifts from Pera to Ciampedie (quite slow solution).
  • Free entry to Kinderpark and free child-care service reserved to Vigo Ski School’s partners hotels.
  • Children can be entrusted to the Kinderpark assistants for the whole day, with an extra price of € 15,00 for the lunch.
  • You can leave your skis in the ski-depot near the cable car exit At Ciampedie.
  • Lessons’ reservations can be accomplished by phone, after checking timetables and instructors’ availability. Ski-lessons must be prepaid within 5:00 pm of the day before, otherwise the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

The meeting points for group courses

Meeting points

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